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Hello, we’re Colorz a Creative Digital Agency.

Colorz, a colorful team

Three founding partners who are surrounded by talent to help you in defining and implementing your creative digital strategies. From concept to completion, we take the time to track and organize your projects.

Colorz, it's mostly...

  • 127 art toys
  • 500k coffee beans per year
  • 450 m2 of playground
  • 30 millions of pixels
  • 2006 year of creation
  • 1337 U know, for H4ck3rz
  • 3.5M Expected turnover 2020
  • 350 laughs per day
  • 1664 instead of Kronenbourg

Why you should work with Colorz.

Pixels Friendly

Since its creation in 2006, Colorz is a Digital Agency resolutely Creative. We take the greatest care to every detail of our projects.

We like to share

The Passion of the web and our multiple experiments allowed us to grow and acquire expertise that we like to share.

We think you’re unique

As a watchmaker who sets the cadence of a watch, our priority is to create a custom setting, perfect for your project.

Our tailored process generates awesome results and happy clients. Here’s how we do it :

  • 1. A digital strategy

    Art and technology watch is part of our daily life, we follow the very latest and upcoming web trends. We carry out benchmarking for each customised approach.Together, we analyze your target to define your objectives.

  • 4. Advanced technology

    To give your project a suitable engine, we rely on the current web development technologies, Ajax, CSS3, HTML5, Magento, Wordpress and Daily ... for over 5 years, we develop and maintain the dedicated tools that will drive your application . This approach allows us to create effective sites, capable of handling heavy traffic loads without compromising availability.

  • 2. A custom design

    Our team put the user experience at the very heart of the architecture by providing a unique structure, and a clear and intuitive way to organize your content. We review your needs using a storyboard to confirm all the ergonomic, editorial and technical choices. We provide you a clear and complete report.

  • 5. A launch well tested

    Our staff will test your site. This allows us to show what works well and what does not. During the launch phase, your project manager and development team remains available for possible correction.

  • 3. Creative design

    Our designers are shaping a creative identity, rich and versatile, then your already beautiful content look even more gorgeous.

  • 6. A daily follow-up

    To go further and help your dreams come true, we propose regularly checking in on its evolution. We work together on improvements that will enhance the user experience. We help you also with; daily monitoring, regular updates and security techniques.

All these ingredients combined brings creativity and technology, all led by a team of enthusiasts, to provide you with fresh and colorful sites.

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